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Archery Repair Kits

Detroit Michigan

BowHunterPlanet launches new TeamBHP Archery Repair Kits to help hunters protect their hunts. 

With the TeamBHP Archery Repair Kits, hunters can proactively maintain and repair their equipment, guaranteeing to keep them in the field longer.  Having a reliable and well-functioning bow is crucial for a successful hunt, and these repair kits can provide the necessary tools and materials to keep everything in working order.

Bowhunters can now easily take care of any minor repairs or adjustments they may need while out in the field. This means they won't have to worry about their equipment failing them during important moments. By offering these kits, Bowhunterplanet is showing their dedication to helping hunters have the best experience possible. 

The TeamBHP Archery Repair kits come in 4 configurations BASIC, PLUS, PRO and Custom.  Each model has more pieces that give the user more options to have access to fix their compound bow in the field. 

“When you are in the field hunting, you don’t always have access to a PROSHOP or help for that matter, these kits give you detailed instructions on how to help yourself in the field.  We included a data code in each kit to help you understand how to use the components of your kit.  We also created this kit to be small in nature and allow you to add it to your pack, bow case, truck, UTV etc.  When we are hunting it's hard to leave and visit a proshop our kits give you a temporary solution to protect your hunt” - Dave Thomas - President of BowHunterPlanet

The Archery Repair Kits are available in only Compound Bow models at this time and are available for purchase at select ProShop locations and also on  If you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with, feel free to contact us. 


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