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New to hunting? Looking to pick up a bow? If you answered yes to these questions, this article is for you! Whether you’re a young child or a grown adult, the sport of bow hunting and everything it has to offer can be therapeutic and rewarding. The sport has been continuously growing since the 1980’s and is more popular now than ever.

I began shooting archery at the age of 6 and have been shooting and hunting ever since. Most people fear the sport and feel intimidated by the misconceptions such as its hard, it costs too much money, and I’m not strong enough! Contrary to what you may think archery equipment can be purchased at very reasonable prices especially if you start by purchasing used equipment. Furthermore, with the advances in bow technology, shooting with accuracy is easier than ever.

Muscle memory plays a vital role in strength conditioning drawing a bow. There are several exercises available online designed to assist fine tuning the muscles that are used to draw back a bow. Bows come in a wide variety of draw weights and lengths designed to fit youth’s and beginners. Once you have decided that you want to pursue the sport talk to a local dealer or sporting goods store to shop for the bow and equipment that best fits your needs.

Boots, camouflage, binoculars, range finders, and tree stands are just a few of the many accessories that one can expect to buy when starting out. When talking about boot selection, Muck Boot Company offers a wide variety of affordable rugged waterproof hunting boots. I wear Muck boots and remain warm and dry throughout the season. Scent Lok is a leader in camouflage for all types of hunts and have clothing that works during every season.

My choice for tree stands is simple, Millennium Tree Stands! These stands are hands down the easiest to set up, take down, and are so comfortable you’ll never want to leave. It goes without saying the Hoyt has been a leader in archery for many years and among those years an industry leader in design and performance. I would recommend Hoyt for any new archer or seasoned veteran. Release aids have come a long way since the early 90’s. There are so many types of releases and brands to choose from it can be overwhelming. Look no further than Tru-Ball, I believe they make the most reliable releases on the market. Tru-Ball has a wide variety of models choose from.

After you have the bow that best fits, begin shooting from close ranges until you feel comfortable. Once comfortable with shooting at short distances, longer shots can be taken and shooting from different angles can also be accomplished. Bow hunting requires hunters to shoot in all different types of positions including but not limited to; standing, sitting, kneeling, off the shoulder, and many more. Practicing these angles and positions will make you a much better shooter in the field.

BY: Jay Dumas


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