Join the BHP for episode #305 as the discuss “wild world news” the crew details some of the more unique ways of harvesting wild game using archery techniques dating back to B.C. times.

The crew also discusses new controversy related to Cabela’s and the unconfirmed released information via social media from an alleged Pro Staff member. The allegations in the post describe an alleged restriction policy released from Cabela’s related to exotic game kill/harvest photos and prohibiting the photos from being shared. The crew discusses the fine line between businesses, marketing and controversy discussing how controversy such as graphic photos, can impact the decisions made by businesses. They detail another recent photo posted on social media via a hunting celebrity that may have crossed all lines. They also look back at some of the more recent controversial decisions made by of some of the industry leaders and the impact they have on hunters. The episode wraps up with a roundtable on the topic and how we as hunters can help shape the future of our sport.

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