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Season Gear Up 2022!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The season is rapidly approaching in most states and has already begun in others. Today we will talk about accessories for the field and what we think are important to have before you hit the filed this season. The first important accessory is some sort of pack. Most hunters prefer a backpack style pack, but whatever you choose will work. Prior to any hunt, load the pack up with something to drink and a couple light snacks. Don’t forget toilet paper as well!

Inside the pack you should also have, your range finder, binoculars, as well as grunt and doe bleat calls. If you use scents, this is a good place for them as well.Also important is a flashlight and extra batteries. When the time comes to track a wounded animal, lighting, and plenty of it is a must! Along the lines of tracking, you’ll need some cheap battery-operated flashing, reflective lights to mark the blood trail. Reflective Trail Tacks are helpful as well for marking trails and new hunting areas. Don’t forget a quality knife, your license, and tags along with a game cleaning kit.

Some of the other extras we include in our bags are rope, lighter, phone charging pack, compass, bow hanger and gear hanger for the stand and some extra clothing items such as face mask, hats, and extra socks! (You’ll thank me later). Remember to keep it simple. If you’re headed to a remote area, you’ll want to keep it light.

If you choose to use a release of any type, if possible, keep an extra release in the bag in case your release is left behind. Nothing will ruin a hunt faster than getting set up and not having the proper release. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, however, it should get you started and help you to be successful in the field this season.

Happy hunting and stay safe!

Jay Dumas-BHP

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1 Comment

George Marshall
George Marshall
Sep 04, 2022

Awesome article! Good luck, hope to see some trophies!

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