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What is the Rompola Buck?

The Rompola Buck is a famous white-tailed deer that was harvested by Illinois bowhunter Johnny King in November 2003. The deer was named after Mark Rompola, King's friend and hunting partner, who had seen the buck and pointed it out to King.

The Rompola Buck is legendary for its massive size and impressive set of antlers, which contained 38 points and a gross green score of 506 5/8 inches under the Boone and Crockett scoring system. After it was officially measured, it became the second-largest white-tailed deer ever harvested with archery equipment and the third largest overall.

The story of King's hunt for the Rompola Buck, along with stunning photos of the animal, quickly spread through hunting circles and social media outlets, making the deer a household name among hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.

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