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You have worked too hard for your hunting adventures, don't take for granted that issues can arise while in the field. Many of us who hunt are far from any proshops or help. This PLUS Archery Repair kit will keep you temporarily hunting until you can make your way back to a proshop.


Provided in this kit items to keep you in the field and chasing game.


Kit Inculdes:

Allen Wrench Set

Peep Sight

Kisser Button

Rest (fixed)

Multi - Pin Sight (Branded)

D-Loop Material

Serving Material

4 - Nocking Points

2 - Field Point


Mini Pliers Tool

Mini Arrow Cutter

6 - Vanes


2 - Insert

Official Sticker



Recommendations: When you recieve your kit in the mail we recommend adding a BIC lighter to your kit, so you have it when needed. You will use this to burn the ends of your DLOOP and extra Serving Matieral. We also recommend considering a mini press tool to give you ability to break down the bow in the field.


Please Note: Kits do not have any brand specific products. Depending on inventory and avaiblibity brands are at random. In Marketing materials you may see some small differences in brands or product but we stick to the above list to ensure you have what you need.

Archery Repair Kit - PLUS

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