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Heres my story for anyone reading, I was born in Puerto Rico, we fished and spent a lot of time in the outdoors,good times. When we came to Chicago Illinois in 1980, I was always involved in outdoor activities; I was in the boy scouts by age 11 spent a few years in the boy scouts. Shot my first recurve and .22 rifle while in the scouts,I loved every minute i spent outdoors. I had a Field and stream and outdoor life magazines subscription by the age of 15. While other teens did dumb things i was buying air rifles and blowguns. Then life happened, I had to grow up fast. Finally in 2003

I started watching hunting programs on the outdoor network, in 2006 i bought my first official bow a Reflex highlander and the rest is history. I didn't get to hunt much the first few years due to not having many places to hunt, but then in 2009 i moved to Crystal lake IL, i found a few places to hunt and Harvested my first deer in 2012. I love BHP and what it stands for. Thank you all for having me. Unite all hunters from every corner of the world.

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