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2023 PHASE 4 by Mathews

Mathews launches the all new 2023 PHASE 4 FEATURING RESISTANCE PHASE DAMPING AND NEW BRIDGE-LOCK STABILIZER SYSTEM, THE PHASE4 IS THE MOST SILENT AND STEALTHY HUNTING BOWASE 4, adding one of the most exciting technologies to ever hit the archer industry. The all-new 2023 Phase4 is our most efficient hunting system to date. This year we challenged ourselves to innovate at the leading edge of what physics will allow in a hunting bow. By damping vibration directly in the limbs, we are able to drastically reduce downstream wasted energy felt in the hand during and after the shot. Combined with our new Bridge-Lock Stabilizers that offer improved balance points, increased harmonic tunability and a more robust connection to your bow, the Phase4 is the most advanced and adaptable hunting system we’ve ever designed.

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