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Bear Archery and Rothco Unite to Create Iconic Fred Bear Camo Apparel

Bear Archery and Rothco Unite to Create Iconic Fred Bear Camo Apparel

[Ronkonkoma, NY, June 9 th ,2023] — Two iconic brands have forged a powerful alliance as Bear Archery,

a division of Escalade Sports, and Rothco proudly announce their collaboration on the highly anticipated

launch of Bear Archery x Rothco Fred Bear Camouflage apparel. This momentous partnership, spanning

multiple years, will bring the revered Fred Bear camouflage pattern to life on Rothco's legendary

apparel, set to debut in Spring 2024.

Renowned for their excellence in the Military, Tactical, Work, and Outdoor footwear and apparel,

Rothco stands as a trusted leader with its time-tested designs and superior quality products. By joining

forces with Rothco, Bear Archery aims to amplify its brand's presence in the marketplace through this

exceptional partnership. "Rothco's extensive industry expertise and unwavering commitment to

delivering top-notch products make them an ideal collaborator. We are excited to see the throwback

Fred Bear camo pattern come to life on Rothco’s innovative and cutting-edge apparel,” stated Jon Lene,

General Manager of Bear Archery.

Recognizing the significance of collaborating with brands that share a similar iconic heritage, Scott

Sincerbeaux, Chief Executive Officer of Rothco, remarked, "Fred Bear is widely regarded as a trailblazer

in bow hunting and archery. For 70 years, Rothco has been at the forefront of providing high-quality

footwear, apparel, and gear to retailers and consumers worldwide, including the outdoor industry. This

partnership not only expands our market reach, but also introduces the Bear Archery consumer to the

Rothco brand."

The Fred Bear Camouflage collection will encompass an impressive range of products, including

outerwear, the legendary Rothco BDU pant, and a curated assortment of apparel and accessory items.

Each item will be meticulously crafted using the iconic Fred Bear camouflage pattern, epitomizing the

rich heritage and exceptional quality associated with both Bear Archery and Rothco.

With a shared passion for excellence and a deep commitment to their customers, Bear Archery and

Rothco are poised to make a resounding impact in the industry with the unveiling of the Bear Archery x

Rothco Fred Bear Camouflage apparel line. Stay tuned for the official launch in Spring 2024, when

consumers will have the opportunity to experience the fusion of two legendary brands.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kristy Dineen

Director of Brand Marketing and E-Commerce



About Bear Archery

Founded by the iconic father of modern archery, Fred Bear, in 1933 with the intention of bringing

archery to the masses, Bear Archery® continues to produce legendary bows with the same focus on

reliability and technology while maintaining its rich heritage of innovative leadership, quality products,

and family values.

About Rothco

Rothco is a trusted leader in the Military, Tactical, Work, and Outdoor apparel and gear industry. With a

legacy spanning over 70 years, Rothco is recognized for its unwavering dedication to quality, reliability,

and functionality. From military uniforms to everyday essentials, Rothco offers a wide range of products

that cater to the needs of active-duty professionals, public safety, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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