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MONSTERBUCK Releases Rut Greens Food Plot Seed

MONSTERBUCK Releases Rut Greens Food Plot Seed

The Ultimate Late Season Brassica Blend

Elk Mound, WI (August 3 rd , 2023) – MONSTERBUCK Food Plot Seed is pleased to introduce

their latest seed blend, geared towards serious whitetail hunters chasing bucks in cooler

climates. Rut Greens Cold Climate food plot seed provides excellent fall foliage with the

hardiness to capitalize on the huge benefits brassicas can provide when the mercury drops,

and late season arrives.

Rut Greens Cold Climate is the ultimate brassica blend. This combination of hardy brassicas

features staggered maturity rates for a layered effect and attraction throughout the entire

season. This unique blend provides rapid growth and great tasting leaves, yet will still

handle heavy browsing extremely well. This annual seed is available in a 4.5 lb bag which

covers ½ acre, and a 9 lb bag which covers 1 acre.

“Rut Greens Cold Climate is the perfect brassica blend for whitetail hunters in the Midwest,”

stated Jared Mills, of MONSTERBUCK. “Each seed in this blend complements the others,

creating staggered growth and maturity that will attract deer the majority of hunting


The blend contains Pasja Hybrid Forage, Bonar Rape, Purple Top Turnips, Appin Turnips,

Barkant Turnips, and Bayou Kale. Each of these seeds was thoughtfully selected and

blended with one another to create a food plot seed that checks all the boxes for deer


Rut Greens Cold Climate is a fall blend, therefore it should be planted in the late summer or

early fall. Executing a soil test before planting any food plot seed is strongly recommended.

Look to MONSTERBUCK to take your food plot game to the next level this upcoming fall

hunting season.

About MONSTERBUCK Food Plot Seed:

MONSTERBUCK is a division of Elk Mound Seed, headquartered in Elk Mound, WI. A family

owned and operated company, MONSTERBUCK was developed as a dedicated hunting brand

for serious food plot growers. Offering all the essential seeds, unique blends and the

knowledge and resources to help customers take their food plots to new heights,

MONSTERBUCK is here to help create your best hunting season yet.

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