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More Opportunities from APEX Outdoor Rewards

More States and More Opportunities from APEX Outdoor Rewards

Five New States are Now Available for the 2022 APEX Whitetail Challenge

September 22 nd , 2022- APEX Outdoor Rewards is prepared another fall hunting season and another APEX

Whitetail Challenge. APEX is pleased to announce that six more states have opened to hunters looking to

enter the 2022 season. Alabama, West Virginia, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are now

available to hunters interested in putting their skills to the test in this season’s Whitetail Challenge.

Participation in the APEX Whitetail Challenge is simple. Hunters must register online for the state or states

that they plan to hunt, video record and document a hunt that results in a harvested buck, score that buck

with the provided antler measuring tape and submit the animal to APEX. Upon completion of the hunting

season the winners for each participating state will be announced. Hunter rewards are based on the

number of entries in a state, with each challenge allowing only 1,500 entries per state.

With this announcement, APEX Outdoor Rewards has now launched in eight different states with several

more coming just around the corner. For an entry of just $275, hunters will receive an official 4K APEX

camera package, free to capture their hunt. An incredible value, but more importantly hunters unlock the

opportunity to showcase their passion and win thousands of dollars in cash rewards while helping benefit


Alabama, West Virginia, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin offer some of the best whitetail

hunting in the country. APEX is proud to offer these states for whitetail hunters and looks forward to

sharing big rewards to each of its successful hunters.

If you’re interested in participating in a 2022 Whitetail Challenge or the 2023 Turkey Challenges, visit for more details. APEX is striving to make more and more states

available this season, so be ready to REWARD YOUR PASSION with APEX!

Follow APEX on Facebook and Instagram for news, hunting content and much more.

About APEX Outdoor Rewards:

APEX is founded on the challenge of fair chase pursuit and an overall passion for hunting. We’re bringing

technology and the desire to hunt together to provide all hunters with a platform that rewards their skills.

Each year, APEX will offer deer and turkey challenges on a per state basis. Apex hunters give themselves

a chance to win big and contribute to local conservation! Bring APEX on your next hunting adventure.

Reward Your Passion.

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