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The 2023 APEX Turkey Challenge Approaches

February 14 th , 2023 – Turkey season is fast approaching and APEX Outdoor Rewards is excited to announce that the next APEX Turkey Challenge is almost here. Incredibly more hunter value has been added for this upcoming season, making NOW even more exciting to reward your passion with APEX.

The 2023 APEX Turkey Challenge is currently available in 23 states and is set to provide new benefits for hunters like weekly giveaways, exclusive manufacturer discounts, and APEX Partner Contingency Rewards, providing more opportunity for hunters to win rewards this season!  A $75 entry fee is all it takes to become an APEX Hunter this turkey season to be eligible for APEX rewards and be part of this fast-growing hunter platform focused on rewarding the harvest and conservation. Participation in the Turkey Challenge is simple.

Hunters enter the challenge at any time throughout the spring turkey season. Upon entry, hunters receive an official APEX Turkey Tool to score their harvested bird weight and measurements. The simple scoring process is recorded and submitted with a smartphone to APEX Outdoor Rewards with one very exciting element - the APEX blind leaderboard.  At the end of the season all scores are displayed live at APEX Outdoor Rewards where hunters can view overall reward standings and other APEX hunter videos and photos. APEX provides passionate hunters with an opportunity that has never been seen before in hunting with a sophisticated platform that has quickly established benefits for hunters and conservation as intended.

If you’re interested in participating in the 2023 APEX Turkey Challenge, visit for more details. Follow APEX on Facebook and Instagram for news, updates, monthly giveaways, and more.

About APEX Outdoor Rewards:

APEX is founded on the challenge of fair chase pursuit and an overall passion for hunting bringing technology and passion together in a platform that rewards the hunting community for recognizing the importance of selective harvest, capturing the memory of the hunt, and advocating for conservation. Each new season APEX offers whitetail and turkey challenges providing Apex Hunters the opportunity to be rewarded and help make a difference for the future of all hunters.

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Feb 15, 2023

Man, they never have New Hampshire

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